Rode Hard Put Up Wet


Okay so my Spanish is not so good, but I bet you understand what it says.  Patty where are you when I need you.  Lol. Some of you realize that I have been late with these last 3 blogs.  Well, I need a vacation and I’m shutting down the blogs until I get my SHIT […]


Ok, I am expecting a baby and so excited when upon my next visit to the doctor, he says I will never carry this baby to term and he wanted me to realize that and to be ready to have a miscarriage. He didn’t want me going bonkers on him.  WHAT??  I bought a couple […]


Here I go again.  But I did not have a direction to go.  I just worked every day and didn’t do much of anything else.   Then mom called and they were moving back to Odessa and dad would go would go back to work for KOYL radio.  That was a good thing because a day […]

On My Own

Okay on the last blog, I left off where I was suppose to call my mother as soon as I got to Odessa to let her know I got there alright.  I was concerned what daddy had put her through when he found I had ran away from home.  That sounds strange stating an 18 […]


WHAT,WE’RE MOVING!!  WHERE……??? Here I am just starting my Senior Year. Still not dating much but secretly going to some wild parties put on by the cats, you remember them.  There was lots of drinking, some fighting and just a “let your hair down” party.  Like I said, I never drank and neither did my […]

Football, Dope, and Rodeo

Okay, let’s tackle Football first.  No pun intended.   There were at least 3 groups of kids if you can call them that.  You have the Football group, mostly referred to as Lettermen, Ivy leaguers or VIP’s, you know the rich, the idealized, can do no wrong, Football players. In Odessa, you had three high […]

My Horses

I soon became friends with lots of students in High School.  It was almost like a game.  How many friends could I make?   Wow!  I wasn’t on the road any more, but still had that “hurry up and make friends” attitude cause it may not last. It was hard to break those old traveling thoughts. […]

Odessa, Texas

                                                  A Place to Call Home If you have never been to Odessa, well, let me enlighten you.  When you get close to Odessa/Midland the air is pungent with the smell of sour gas from all the pump jacks scattered around the area.  You can’t miss them seriously. Oh and if you can  find […]


No not hay baling wire. I need to ask for your indulgence on this blog.  It will not follow all the blogs before, but I feel the need to explain the last few months.  I’ll get back on track with the next blog in Mid-February.  Yep, HAYWIRE, which is the same as Crazy, Chaotic, Confused,  […]

On the road again.

Like Willie song, “like a band of gypsies” You will recall the long haul we had from New Ulm, Minnesota to Guntersville, Alabama.  Well the trip from Fort Collins, Colorado to Ruston, Louisiana was a long trip in the bed of that Dodge truck.  Daddy had put a mattress in the back where at least […]