My Horses

I soon became friends with lots of students in High School.  It was almost like a game.  How many friends could I make?   Wow!  I wasn’t on the road any more, but still had that “hurry up and make friends” attitude cause it may not last. It was hard to break those old traveling thoughts. […]

Odessa, Texas

                                                  A Place to Call Home If you have never been to Odessa, well, let me enlighten you.  When you get close to Odessa/Midland the air is pungent with the smell of sour gas from all the pump jacks scattered around the area.  You can’t miss them seriously. Oh and if you can  find […]


No not hay baling wire. I need to ask for your indulgence on this blog.  It will not follow all the blogs before, but I feel the need to explain the last few months.  I’ll get back on track with the next blog in Mid-February.  Yep, HAYWIRE, which is the same as Crazy, Chaotic, Confused,  […]