About Me

Oklahoma, ever been there? Actually, I’ve lived in a lot of cities in Oklahoma other than just being born there in mid-40’s; I’ve lived in more than 25 states and have traveled Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Jamaica and other island countries.  Plus several cities while on the rodeo circuit.   Old? NOT!  A skinny 5’8” 110 lbs and still shakin’ my bootie, and I’m above ground what more can you ask.

Lots of cowboys and Indians help preserve their ancestry in Oklahoma.  I’ve been told we are part Lakota/Sioux on my grandma Batson’s side.  I always had great respect for Indians and their ways.  I met a lot of Indians in Oklahoma and was invited to a lot of their ceremonies where my husband and I were the only white people there.

I can’t really call Oklahoma home after living in over 25 states, attending over 70 schools and living in over 90 cities in 8 years.  Depending on whether or not you’ve stayed in the same city and state, we may have crossed paths.  Think about it as you read my blogs. You might find we were there at the same time.  Back then I was referred to by some as gypsy or trailer trash, however, most kids treated me like any other kid. We were pretty poor, lower middle class I guess,  but I never let that stop me, I never knew I was poor.  I had 2 skirts and 3 blouses which is more than some  had. 

Yep daddy was a traveling salesman.  We moved every four weeks.  Lived in an 18’ trailer with my younger brother, but then my little brother was born and we got a 24’ El Car that I thought was a mansion.  It had a bathroom and a toilet you could sit on and take a shower.  No more outdoor privies.  I still had to sleep with my brother and then later both brothers.  Did I care?? Not one bit, I had a bathroom!

I would like to hear of your travels while sharing my unusual life through blogging.  You will read about months of traveling with the PRCA (Rodeo), owning 6 successful businesses and 2 not so successful, working with elite groups at seminars and conventions, being married 5 times and being terribly abused and hospitalized by one, raising a fantastic son as a single mom through all of these jobs and experiences and teaching him the value of hard work and respect.  All of this from a high school dropout while knowing and believing she was as smart as any female or male which proved that “whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve”.

Maybe you can find some interest to questions in the upcoming blogs or share your concerns and achievements with me here.

I hope through the many months of my blogs you will stay with me and let me know what you want to know more about or what you disliked.  I will be listing some sites and cities here I lived and the experiences I had in some of them.  

Until next time, ‘ride with your heels down’, and if you’re crying, “rub some dirt in it and move on”.