Rode Hard Put Up Wet



Okay so my Spanish is not so good, but I bet you understand what it says.  Patty where are you when I need you.  Lol.

Some of you realize that I have been late with these last 3 blogs.  Well, I need a vacation and I’m shutting down the blogs until I get my SHIT together.  Sorry.

The ones who read my Blogs every time they come out will be disappointed, but there is a rainbow at the end.  I keep saying this, but I really believe it to be true this time, that my book will be published this year. 

My son Shaun is taking over self publishing through Kindle Books.  I can promise you this, the book(s) will be much more enlightening than the Blogs you have read. 

In the book(s) you will find details about each of my marriages.  Once to an Ex-Con who was terribly cruel to me and my son, putting me in the hospital, and many more things that I will share with you during that 10 month horrendous marriage.  Once to my old high school sweetheart, who after many years decided we should get married when we did not know each other after all that time had passed.  Well that one lasted 10 days.  And then to a very decent man who loved me dearly, but there were other problems which I will share with you while feeling like a STEP-WIFE.  That marriage lasted 36 years and we still cared deeply about each other and kept in close contact weekly until his death. This was a special marriage that I believe some of you will be able to relate to.

There are many gaps between marriages as a single woman raising a son buy herself, which I realize a lot of women do, but this might be a little different than some. Not all have been raped.  At least I hope not.

At any rate, during this time off, I plan on visiting as many as my friends and relatives as possible.  So if you are reading this, I will be leaving here on the 7th of June.  Next week.  My first stop will be in Elk City with a stop that I really want to happen.  Good people who used to be family and who I still care for.  Then I’m on to Oklahoma City to visit with an old friend and then to a relatives home to spend the night.  Then up to Perry to visit with cousins and Aunt and Uncle.

Then I’m heading for Tulsa area to visit with several more cousins hopefully, then on to see my Brother who has just moved to Missouri. I’d really like to make it over to Nashville to visit with a cousin who means a lot to me, but I’m not sure time will permit, I’ll wait and see.  Then on to see a special niece, who I love dearly and now lives in   Arkansas.  After that, Texas friends will be seeing me.  At least as many as I can squeeze in for short visits like great grandsons.  When I leave Texas, I will be heading back home to Cortez after a stop in Belen, New Mexico to see my other brother and hopefully my two nieces.

Yep, it’s a long haul for this old lady, but I figure at 77, I can either decide to see people that I might not have the opportunity to see again in this life time or sit on my butt and wish I could have done some things differently.  Nevertheless, it’s been a hell of a trip, this life of mine so why stop now.

I promise I will let you know when the book(s) is out.  I say book(s) because my son may make it into two books which actually I wrote them that way in the beginning.  I started writing these books over 20 years ago and finished them 3 years ago, but had too many problems with publishers and it just never got published.

You can still pull up all 16 , if you missed any.  Just go to or at the bottom of any blogs after the comments there are dates that show when each one came out.  I believe you can click on the dates and they should come up.

I appreciate all of you more than you know.  This has been  good therapy for me and ya’ll have been my sounding boards, so thanks.  There may be times when I just want to jump in a do a Blog.  We’ll see.

Your’s Truly, Sandi

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  1. I like the new “tone”. Do us all a favor… Keep a journal on your trip, and look for subjects and story lines for a “gritty” fictional novel. Use all that windshield time to develop an eye-opener. Don’t view this trip like you’re riding off into the sunset, but instead like the early pioneers seeing what’s ahead as the start of a new literary life that’s wide open! The words are in you…. The stories are, too!
    Well done!

  2. Great job Sandi. I look forward to reading your book. You definitely deserve a break, glad you decided to take a trip. Be safe out there on the road. You will most likely find something new to write about. Looking forward to seeing you when you get to TX.
    Love ya.

  3. Gonna miss your blogs and look forward to seething you when you pass through Texas.
    Love Ya!
    Joe & Jeanne

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